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How to Care For Your Flowers

Use our tips below for the care and maintenance of your flowers. Please note that flower varieties and colours may change due to availability and change in seasons.

Before placing your flowers in water, trim 1-2cm off the ends of the stems on a 45 degree angle.
Make sure water level is high enough that all stems are submerged.
Change water and re-trim stems every 1-2 days, making sure vase water is always topped up.
Do not place your flowers close to any heating or cooling systems. Keep away from direct sunlight.


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About Us

We are a Melbourne florist that has been selling flowers since 1976; starting on the corner of Lennox and Highett Streets, in a derelict building that no one had used for retailing in several decades.

2 years later, we moved to Bridge Road, Richmond, moving into what was described as "the arse end of retail", where within a few months, we were christened "Melbourne's Living Landmark" because we sold so many flowers·

Other than stocking the biggest variety of flowers in Melbourne, we are also known for being open til late and open 365 days a year!