We are a florist that has been selling Melbourne flowers since 1976; starting on the corner of Lennox and Highett Streets, in a derelict building that no one had used for retailing in several decades. 

2 years later, we moved to Bridge Road, Richmond, moving into what was described as "the arse end of retail", where within a few months, we were christened "Melbourne's Living Landmark" because we sold so many flowers·

Other than stocking the biggest variety of flowers in Melbourne, we are also known for the mannequin sitting on the car in front of the shop, almost as much as the fact that we are a florist that is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?

Selling so many flowers to Melbourne means that our Growers & Suppliers give us priority on both quality and price, which means no matter how scarce certain flowers may be our Bridge Road Florist always has them available· In fact, some smaller Melbourne florists regularly buy flowers from us because they have been unable to secure certain flowers from anywhere else·

Our Melbourne florist is committed to giving our customer value for money, and presenting every purchase at a standard that turns it into a gift, not just a bunch of flowers at any time of day or night·

Other than flowers, we stock chocolates, liquor, balloons, ceramics, vases and gift lines ·

As for Plants - Orchids, Poinsettia, Gardenias, Cyclamen, Yuca, Tulips, Hydrangea, Lavenders, etc· Anything that is in flower, which means everything isn't available all year, but when it is available, we have it!